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We made it! On Halloween we arrived in Lima. First we took a taxi to our hostel. To be honest, I was not sure if we would make it. As a Swiss guy, you are not used to such a mess on the street. During the 30 minutes ride, we nearly hit two cars, three pedestrians, and honked like 200 times. And sharing is caring, so it’s also pretty normal, that two cars share one lane.

Today we did a “Lima by walking” tour, which was super touristic, but a great opportunity to experience Lima on the first day. Fun fact: The national drink is Pisco and is easy comparable with Grappa from Italy. Peru even has a national Pisco day. In 2003 they started to change water to Pisco in the fountain of the main square on the national Pisco day. So everybody came across the streets to fill their bottles and cups with the strong (42%) alcohol. What a dream! But in 2010 they stopped it, because it became too big a deal for the security and so the government of Lima cancelled this beautiful national day.

After the first tour we went for a lunch, on which we realised, why we are going for some Spanish lessons. Neither of us could read the menu nor discuss with the waitress, a cute old local woman. So we just ordered something that sounded good. We got lucky and got some nice local dishes. Sam got some meat but it was not hard to find a happy receiver.

Su much for the first day. There will be more to see when we get a little bit more in to the wild.

…..aaand a bird pooped on me. Yeah.